Don't just talk about reality: do something.  RoseColoredGlasses.Me lets you decide what's real and what's not.  Choose from any of our three plans. 


Augmented reality lets you see what you want and nothing else.

  • remove disturbing things and people
  • add replacements that make you happy
  • never forget a face: see name, relationship status, interaction history of nearby people
  • sharer lets others see how you’re feeling
  • BubbleburstTM warns of hidden dangers

Bonus features:

  • MagicMirror always lets you see yourself at your best
  • PerfectSpouse bot sends loving messages and surprise gifts (sponsored by 1-800-Flowers)


Augmented reality and a portable cocoon create your perfect environment.  All the features of BetterView plus:

  • weather control lets you pick the temperature, precipitation, humidity, etc.
  • news you want to hear and nothing else.  You decide, we report.
  • point of view sharing lets others see the world as you do
  • integrated health monitoring and exercise equipment

Bonus features:

  • MindMaster AI-based psychologist advises how to get others to do what you want
  • MyCop physical protection service (selected locations only)


Augmented and virtual reality give total control over your life.  All the features of BetterView and BetterWorld plus:

  • home-based virtual reality chamber for safe travels
  • up to three holographic companions
  • MeBot manages selected personal relationships via voice, text, social, other digital channels

Bonus features:

  • MemoryFix history editor revises books, films, photos to match your preferred past
  • RulesDontApply removes evidence from official files (fees based on offense and jurisdiction)

Call for pricing!  Subject to credit approval.
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